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Ultimate Grips!

Perfectly Placed Grips

YogiSocks feature perfectly placed grips that our great for yoga, pilates, barre, or just walking around the house.

Yogis, expecting mothers, and the elderly love the grip they get from YogiSocks.

Never worry about slipping or sliding again! 

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Helps grip, protects feet, & More

  • Ultimate Grips

    Have the ultimate grip on your feet no matter what you're doing. Yoga, pilates, barre, or walking on slippery floors.

  • Protect Your Feet

    Keep your feet safe and dry during your favorite activity. Our perfectly placed grips and high quality material keeps you safe.

  • Stay Fashionable

    YogiSocks come in 6 amazing fun and vibrant colors. Use YogiSocks as a stylish compliment to your workout routine or everyday wear.

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What sizes do YogiSocks come in?

YogiSocks come in a one size fit all sock size. YogiSocks are made to fit shoes sizes 6-9. Customers have told us that YogiSocks also comfortably fit size 10.

Are these just for yoga?

No.  Our customers love YogiSocks for many other uses: walking around the house, preventing slips on hardwood floors and tiles, slip prevention for the elderly and pregnant women, and much more. The silicone grip formation was specifically designed to ensure safety while making sure that they are comfortable on your feet so they do not interfere with your walking and feel natural. 

Do the grips feel uncomfortable?

Double Grip Placement We realized how important that "natural" feeling is whether you are just walking around or practicing yoga. While other socks have grips all along the sock we thought that this feels unnatural and does not provide the best anti-slip grip. That is why our grips are placed at the toes and at the heel. This grips keep you safe while the middle of the sock continues to make your foot feel in a natural environment.

What are these made from?

High Quality Breathable Cotton YogiSocks believes in ultimate comfort. Our socks are made from high quality breathable cotton that keeps your foot comfortable and warm without sweating. We understand that it is extremely important for the sock to be soft and bend easily. YogiSocks bend with any range of motion of your foot without ruining or cracking the silicone grips. Our socks are also extremely easy to take care of. Simply machine wash the socks and then dry them flat. Hygenic, safe, and comfortable - that is what makes YogiSocks ideal.

Eco Friendly Materials Our love for yoga and the wellness community also stimulates our concern for the environment. We know that many of our customers love to practice their workouts outside and really care for and cherish the environment. That is why when making YogiSocks we made sure to focus some extra time on environment. All of our materials do not harm the environment. YogiSocks ship in a thin plastic box ensuring that we use the absolute minimum amount of plastic. We love our environment and it shows!